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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (503)   There's plenty of hilarious monster mayhem afoot when Abbott and Costello are forced to retrieve Dracula (Bela Lugosi) and the Monster (Glenn Strange) from a secret hideaway... Lou Costello NBCU 83 minutes comedy
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (325)   There's more than meets the eye when Abbott and Costello help an invisible man look for a killer and head into the boxing ring for one of the most hilarious fight sequences ever... Lou Costello NBCU 82 minutes comedy, horror, sport
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy 1955 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (218)   Two bumbling Americans (Abbott and Costello) stumble on the discovery of a lifetime when their search for a mummy leads them to a sacred medallion that holds the key to buried... Bud Abbott NBCU 80 minutes comedy
Adrift (English Subtitled) 2009 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (24)   In this sexy thriller from producer Fernando Meirelles, a teen girl discovers that her father (Vincent Cassel of Black Swan) harbors a dark secret that threatens to tear her... Vincent Cassel NBCU 102 minutes drama, international, thriller
Barbie Fairytopia 2005 Play Amazon Page TV-Y SD
4.5/5 (145)   Barbie stars as Elina, a flower fairy who longs to have wings. When her friends in the Magic Meadow need her help, Elina sets out on a fantastic journey to find the Guardian Fairy! Kelly Sheridan NBCU 70 minutes family, fantasy
Barbie: A Fairy Secret 2010 Play Amazon Page TV-Y SD
4.0/5 (174)   Barbie lets you in on a secret! When Ken is flown away to a fairy land, Barbie and her rival Raquelle must work together and learn that real magic lies in the power of friendship. Diana Kaarina NBCU 72 minutes animation, family, scifi
Black Lightning (English Subtitled) 2011 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (44)   The Director of Wanted presents this thrilling, crime-fighting action adventure. A student's life goes from zero to hero when he discovers the battered old car his father gave... Grigoriy Dobrygin NBCU 106 minutes action, adventure, scifi
The Black Shield of Falworth 1954 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (195)   In the reign of King Henry IV, Miles (Tony Curtis) is a peasant determined to save the throne and the Lady Anne (Janet Leigh) in an epic tale filled with jousts, jests and... Tony Curtis NBCU 99 minutes action
Blue Crush 2 2011 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (75)   From the filmmakers of Blue Crush comes an unforgettable surf odyssey about a young woman who finds fun, friendship and a thrilling adventure of a lifetime along the coasts of... Sasha Jackson NBCU 112 minutes action, drama, sport
Bridesmaids 2011 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (4.2k)   From the producer of Knocked Up, Bridesmaids takes Maid of Honor, Annie (Kristen Wiig), and four wild bridesmaids on a hilarious ride to their friend's wedding. Kristen Wiig NBCU 125 minutes comedy
Bring It On: All Or Nothing 2018 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.5/5 (139)   HD. Hayden Panettiere stars as a cheerleading star at an affluent high school who is forced to leave for a rival inner-city school. Hayden Panettiere NBCU 99 minutes comedy
Cape Fear (1962) 1962 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (305)   Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum star in Hollywood's classic tale of revenge and murder about an ex-con determined to exact a terrible revenge on a small-town lawyer and his family. Gregory Peck NBCU 106 minutes drama, thriller
Cop and a Half 1999 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (95)   When a savvy eight-year-old witnesses a murder, a hard-boiled detective (Burt Reynolds) finds himself saddled with a pint-sized sidekick in this "arresting" family comedy! Rocky Giordani NBCU 93 minutes comedy
Death Race 2 (Unrated) 2011 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (135)   In the world's deadliest prison, the only way to survive is to win a drive-or-die race. From the filmmakers who brought you Death Race and Resident Evil comes the explosive,... Danny Trejo NBCU 100 minutes action, adventure
Death Takes a Holiday 1934 Play Amazon Page Unrated HD
4.0/5 (119)   When the Grim Reaper (Fredric March) goes on a three-day holiday, he takes the form of a visiting prince and falls for a woman both in love with life and infatuated with death. Fredric March NBCU 80 minutes drama, fantasy
The Eagle (Unrated) 2011 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (497)   In 2nd-century Britain, a Roman soldier (Channing Tatum) embarks on a dangerous quest to restore the reputation of his father in this thrilling Unrated version not seen in... Channing Tatum NBCU 114 minutes action, adventure, drama
Fast Five 2011 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (1.3k)   Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and a reunion of franchise all-stars are hunted across Rio de Janeiro by a relentless federal agent (Dwayne Johnson) as they attempt an insane $100... Vin Diesel NBCU 130 minutes action, thriller
Fast Five (Extended Version) 2011 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (1.3k)   Vin Diesel & Paul Walker lead a reunited cast as they attempt an insane $100 million heist in Brazil with Dwayne Johnson hot on their trail. With even more explosive action than... Vin Diesel NBCU 131 minutes action, thriller
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 1943 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (218)   Hollywood's best-known monsters--the resurrected Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.) and Frankenstein's inhuman creation (Bela Lugosi)--collide in a fight for the ages in this chilling... Bela Lugosi NBCU 73 minutes fantasy, horror
Gambit 1967 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (112)   Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine star in a delightful yet deadly game of international cat-and-mouse in order to get an artifact from the palace of a powerful Middle Eastern... Shirley MacLaine NBCU 109 minutes comedy, drama, thriller
Hail the Conquering Hero 1944 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (42)   Academy Award-winning writer and director Preston Sturges (Sullivan's Travels) delivers a hilarious satire on the American penchant for hero worship in this quick-witted comedy... Eddie Bracken NBCU 101 minutes comedy, war
Hanna 2011 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (1.5k)   HD. A teenage girl raised to be a fighting machine in the wilderness enacts her ex-CIA agent father's thrilling plan for revenge. Saoirse Ronan NBCU 111 minutes action, adventure, drama, thriller
High Art 1998 Play Amazon Page R SD
4.0/5 (131)   From the director of The Kids Are All Right comes an intense drama about a photographer and a young assistant editor who exploit each other for their careers, while slowly... Radha Mitchell NBCU 102 minutes drama
Hilary and Jackie 1999 Play Amazon Page R SD
3.5/5 (106)   Academy Award nominees Rachel Griffiths and Emily Watson star in this incredible, true story of two musical-prodigy sisters joined by their talent and torn apart by love for the... Emily Watson NBCU 121 minutes drama