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100 Years of Horror 1997 Play Amazon Page SD
4.0/5 (50)   Hosted by Christopher Lee, 100 Years of Horror is the first show of its kind ever produced; chronicling the history of movie horror from the earliest experimental chillers... Christopher Lee Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) horror
15/Love 2005 Play Amazon Page SD
The Gang is back & are ready for a whole new year of challenges & tennis! Throughout the year the group struggles with the ever growing pressures their future career prospects &... Laurence Leboeuf Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) comedy, drama, family
15/Love 2004 Play Amazon Page SD
5.0/5 (1)   Despite not playing tennis, Cody Meyers is enrolled at Cascadia Tennis Academy, where she acts as an outside observer to Tennis Madness! During her first year, she befriends the... Laurence Leboeuf Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) comedy, drama
50 Worst Movies Ever Made 2004 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (89)   This is the finest collection of bad films ever compiled. The budgets are cheap, the acting is terrible, and the plots are nowhere to be seen. It's The Fifty Worst Films Ever Made! Carlos Larkin Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 60 minutes documentary, nonfiction
50 Years the Best of Hollywood 1998 Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (8)   Join Tab Hunter on a journey through the history of Hollywood's greatest cinematic achievements from the 1950s to the end of the 20th century. Tab Hunter Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 97 minutes documentary
Academy Award Winners: The First 50 Years 1999 Play Amazon Page TV-PG SD
3.5/5 (4)   The most celebrated films in cinema history have all shared a moment within Oscars history, now see where they all fit inside the vast history that encompasses this annual... Ned Lochman Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
Academy Award Winners: Thirty Years of Winners 2003 Play Amazon Page SD
4.0/5 (2)   A run through of the academy award nominees and winners from 1972 to 2002. Big studio contenders compete for best picture, while independent films begin to hold their own and... Angelina Jolie Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot 1957 Play Amazon Page SD
4.0/5 (29)   In all of Arthurian legend, the most famous of the Knights of the Round Table is undoubtedly Sir Lancelot. This series, painstakingly researched by the History and Literature... William Russell Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) adventure, fantasy
After Darwin 2020 Play Amazon Page SD
After Darwin traces the history of genomic research and its dark offspring: behavioral genetics, eugenics, and the commodification of children. It spotlights topics including the... Lewis Wolpert Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 99 minutes documentary, nonfiction, thriller
After Effect 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (53)   When college students sign up for what seems like a simple paid research study, they soon realize that they've unknowingly volunteered their bodies as human collateral in an... Daniel Baldwin Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 91 minutes horror, thriller
After the Sun Fell 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (7)   Adam unwillingly accompanies his friend Brandon on a visit to his childhood home, only to find himself uncovering a dark family secret: the death of a troubled brother whom... Danny Pudi Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 110 minutes comedy, drama
Against the Tide 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (23)   This documentary examines the conflict that erupted in the American Jewish community over the best means to rescue the European Jews who were trying to escape the Holocaust. It... Dustin Hoffman Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 102 minutes documentary, nonfiction
Aliens in the Wild, Wild West 1999 Play Amazon Page PG SD
2.5/5 (144)   On a family road trip, two teens and their parents are mysteriously transported back into the Wild West of the 1880s. When a poacher finds a large furry creature caught in one of... Carly Pope Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 82 minutes scifi, western
Alley Cat 1970 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (27)   Billie Clark is twenty, smart and pretty. She's also a black belt in karate. When the young woman beats up a gang of thugs trying to steal her tires, they retaliate by murdering... Karin Mani Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 82 minutes action
Alto 2015 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (190)   Diana DeGarmo (American Idol) stars as Frankie, a head strong, struggling rock musician. When Nicolette, the daughter of the new mafia don, takes an interest in her and The... Diana DeGarmo Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 101 minutes comedy
Amanda and the Alien 1995 Play Amazon Page R SD
2.5/5 (40)   A young Bohemian female artist falls in love with a hot human-eating alien and teaches him how to be more human. However, the police is on his trail. John Diehl Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 94 minutes action, comedy, scifi
America at 500 1992 Play Amazon Page SD
In the 500 years since Columbus' arrival the America's flourished & surpassed the continent that sent him. This six-part series explores a variety of different topics & how the... President Jimmy Carter Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) documentary, nonfiction
Amityville: A New Generation (4K Restored) 1993 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (27)   Photographer Keyes Terry is given an old mirror from a homeless person who he photographs on the street. What he doesn't know is that demonic forces project grisly visuals upon... Ross Partridge Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 91 minutes horror, thriller
Amityville: Dollhouse 1996 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (51)   A dollhouse that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house is given to a little girl. Soon after, all sorts of horrible unexplained accidents start to happen. The... Robin Thomas Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 97 minutes horror, thriller
Amityville: It's About Time 1992 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (50)   Widowed father Jake Sterling returns home from a business trip with an antique clock, intended as a gift to his two teenage children. Having been created by a 15th century French... Stephen Macht Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 95 minutes horror, thriller
Amityville: The Evil Escapes (4K Restored) 1989 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (13)   The demonic forces that were lurking in the infamous house in Amityville for over 300 years escape to a remote California mansion by inhabiting a lamp. This evil latches onto a... Patty Duke Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 95 minutes horror, thriller
Askari 2001 Play Amazon Page SD
4.5/5 (9)   While orphaned 16-year old Emma is struggling to adapt to life on an African game reservation run by her aunt and uncle, she develops a strong bond with one of the baby elephants... Amanda Fuller Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 85 minutes drama
Ator, the Fighting Eagle 1982 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (45)   With training and guidance from a man named Griba, Ator, son of Torren learns of his heritage and purpose in life: to defeat the Spider King. He goes to the Temple of the Ancient... Gregory Snegoff Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 91 minutes action, adventure, fantasy
Aunt Mary (4K Restored) 1979 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (24)   The true-life drama about a handicapped Baltimore woman living on welfare who organized a sandlot baseball team and ended up coaching more than 50,000 boys and girls over nearly... Jean Stapleton Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) 99 minutes drama, sport