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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London 2013 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.0/5 (207)   Frankie Muniz returns as a pint-sized secret agent, this time dispatched to England to investigate a plot to implant sinister mind-control devices into the world's leaders.... Frankie Muniz MGM/UA Communications 100 minutes action, family
Bandits 2001 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.5/5 (507)   HD. Two bank robbers fall for the housewife they abduct in this breezy caper starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett. Bruce Willis MGM/UA Communications 123 minutes comedy, drama
Beauty Shop 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (296)   Queen Latifah is an urban salon owner serving a diverse clientele in this ensemble comedy spin-off of the "Barbershop" films. Queen Latifah MGM/UA Communications 105 minutes comedy
Bowling For Columbine 2002 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (956)   HD. Michael Moore's Oscar(R)-winner for Best Documentary examines America's violent gun culture. Michael Moore MGM/UA Communications 119 minutes documentary, drama, thriller
Casino Royale 2006 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.5/5 (2.2k)   HD. 007 earns his license to kill and faces off against a ruthless financier of terrorists in Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond. Daniel Craig MGM/UA Communications 144 minutes action, adventure, thriller
College 2008 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (35)   HD. A trio of randy high-school seniors takes the ultimate road trip to experience college life. Drake Bell MGM/UA Communications 94 minutes comedy
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course 2002 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (148)   HD. Steve and Terri Irwin encounter spiders, snakes and other dangerous creatures to save a crocodile from poachers in this family adventure. Steve Irwin MGM/UA Communications 89 minutes adventure, comedy
Good Boy! 2013 Play Amazon Page PG SD
4.5/5 (119)   Liam Aiken and Molly Shannon star in this sci-fi family comedy about a boy's beloved new terrier, who turns out to be an alien investigating why his fellow dogs have not taken... Molly Shannon MGM/UA Communications 87 minutes comedy, family
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People 2010 Play Amazon Page R SD
3.5/5 (219)   A caustic, obnoxious British writer is hired by a New York magazine to deliver his trademark style but ends up offending everyone he meets in this satirical comedy starring Simon... Kelan Pannell MGM/UA Communications 109 minutes comedy
The L Word Season 1 2004 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.5/5 (450)   Jenny's marriage to Tim crumbles; Tina and Bette struggle with pregnancy. Jennifer Beals MGM/UA Communications drama
Lars and the Real Girl 2007 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (1.1k)   HD. Ryan Gosling stars as a painfully shy small-town guy who begins a delusional relationship with a life-size sex doll. Ryan Gosling MGM/UA Communications 106 minutes comedy
Quantum of Solace 2008 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (1.5k)   HD. Seeking vengeance for his lover's death, James Bond uncovers a conspiracy to take control of a country's most precious natural resource. Daniel Craig MGM/UA Communications 106 minutes action
Uptown Girls 2013 Play Amazon Page PG-13 SD
4.5/5 (531)   A spoiled socialite loses her trust-fund fortune and is forced to accept a job as nanny to a worldly-wise little girl. Brittany Murphy MGM/UA Communications 92 minutes comedy, drama
Walking Tall 2015 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.5/5 (399)   The Rock stars in this action remake as a soldier who runs for sheriff of his corrupt hometown in an effort to clean up the sleazy den of drugs, prostitution and gambling. Dwayne Johnson MGM/UA Communications 86 minutes action