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Released 2020

The Divide 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (23)  IMDb Aging cowboy Sam Kincaid (Perry King) is suffering from the onset of dementia. Supported by an unlikely ally in migrant ranch hand Luke (Bryan Kaplan), Sam attempts to reconcile... Bryan Kaplan Random Media 104 minutes drama

Released 2017

Race to Win 2017 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (24)  IMDb 5.1/10 (228) After suddenly losing her father, a young girl is forced to compete in the most important barrel race imaginable. Luke Perry 82 minutes drama, family
It's Gawd! 2017 Play Amazon Page SD
4.5/5 (148)  IMDb 5.6/10 (103) Desperate to save the world (and his job), the creator of Earth journeys to the planet to reconnect with humanity- via an internet variety show. Tommy Chong Wow and Flutter Media 98 minutes comedy

Released 2015

Black Beauty 2015 Play Amazon Page PG SD
3.0/5 (41)  IMDb 3.7/10 (115) A father allows his daughter to spend the summer with her grandfather rehabilitating an injured horse, and they learn that love and trust can heal anything. Luke Perry Lionsgate 85 minutes drama
Welcome Home 2015 Play Amazon Page TV-PG SD
IMDb A writer (Luke Perry), desperate for a new idea, returns home to discover a homeless woman and her two children living in his house, giving him a new purpose in his life. Hallmark Movies Now 85 minutes
The Ties that Bind 2015 Play Amazon Page TV-PG SD
IMDb Detective Allison McLean (Kelli Williams) was already struggling to balance work and family, but after she has to arrest her own brother, Tim (Luke Perry), she has no choice but... Hallmark Movies Now

Released 2014

A Fine Step 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (71)  IMDb 5.2/10 (206) When an expert horseman (Luke Perry) suffers a traumatic accident with his top horse, he overcomes his injury with the help of a young girl who helps rehabilitate him and the horse Armand Assante Anderson Digital Hallmark Movies Now 111 minutes drama

Released 2013

Scoot And Kassie's Christmas Adventure 2013 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (26)  IMDb 5.0/10 (184) Luke Perry stars in this heartwarming "tail." Kassie, her friends and her dog, Scoot, organize a holiday fundraiser, but must protect the cash from some crooks in order to save... Luke Perry Universal Pictures 89 minutes adventure, family
Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts 2013 Play Amazon Page PG SD
IMDb Judge John Goodnight (Luke Perry) rescues Lucy Truffaut (Katharine Isabelle) from a stagecoach attack, not knowing she�s a con artist on the run, and the powerful... Hallmark Movies Now 86 minutes

Released 2012

Interview with a Hitman 2012 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.5/5 (61)  IMDb 6.4/10 (8.7k) Viktor knows the value of life more than most, which makes him the perfect killer. But after a ruthless betrayal by his bosses, he escapes to London, joins a new family, and... Luke Goss Well Go USA, Inc. 96 minutes action, thriller
Goodnight for Justice: The Measure of a Man 2012 Play Amazon Page PG SD
IMDb Circuit judge John Goodnight (Luke Perry) stops in a small Wyoming town and witnesses a bank robbery by a gang of bandits, but Callie (Stefanie von Pfetten), a friendly local... Hallmark Movies Now 86 minutes

Released 2011

Jr. Detective Agency 2011 Play Amazon Page G SD
3.0/5 (138)  IMDb Sam Steele Jr. wants to be a detective like his father, so when summer vacation starts he turns his clubhouse into the headquarters for the Junior Detective Agency. When a... Luke Perry FilmRise Dove Channel 87 minutes family
Hanna's Gold 2011 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (123)  IMDb 5.1/10 (139) Teenage sisters Hanna and Jasmine's hopes of a carefree summer are dashed when they are forced to spend their vacation hard at work on their father's horse ranch. Just when they... Dan Benson Entertainment One 91 minutes adventure, comedy, family

Released 2010

The Final Storm 2010 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (415)  IMDb 3.6/10 (1.4k) The Final Storm Luke Perry Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC 91 minutes action, horror

Released 2009

Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail 2009 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (872)  IMDb 4.1/10 (9.5k) After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea (TYLER PERRY) in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail.... Tyler Perry Lionsgate 102 minutes comedy

Released 2008

The Pledge 2008 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (54)  IMDb 5.4/10 (274) Sheriff Matt Austin has vowed to kill Eli Tate, the escaped convict who murdered his wife and son. Tracking Tate to a California outlaw town, Austin discovers that the gunman has... Luke Perry Sonar Entertainment Hallmark Movies Now 87 minutes western

Released 2007

The Sandlot: Heading Home 2007 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.0/5 (212)  IMDb 5.3/10 (1.4k) Starring Luke Perry as a pampered pro athlete who rediscovers his love for the game, THE SANDLOT: HEADING HOME is a pulse-pounding and heartwarming tale about losing your ego,... Danny Nucci 20th Century Fox 96 minutes drama, family

Released 2005

Descent 2005 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (22)  IMDb A team of scientists are gathered to prevent a global catastrophe. But one of the scientists realizes early on that the cause of volcanic reactions is most likely due to a secret... Luke Perry Ammo Content 90 minutes action, drama, scifi

Released 2002

Johnson County War - The Complete Miniseries Season 1 2002 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.5/5 (2)   Rich and powerful competitors try to destroy three Wyoming brothers as they struggle to survive in the cattle business. Tom Berenger SONAR ENTERTAINMENT STARZ western

Released 1996

Normal Life (1996) 1996 Play Amazon Page R SD
4.5/5 (21)  IMDb 6.3/10 (1.9k) Love was their addiction, Crime was the drug.Ashley Judd and Luke Perry star in Normal Life, a gritty true storyabout the dangers of losing it all…then trying to get it back. Ashley Judd Warner Bros. 102 minutes documentary, drama

Released 1992

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 Play Amazon Page PG-13 SD
IMDb 5.6/10 (35k) Air-headed high school cheerleader Buffy reluctantly accepts her destiny - to become her generation's warrior in the never-ending war against vampires! Campy fun, with Donald... Kristy Swanson 20TH CENTURY FOX STARZ 85 minutes

Unknown Release Date

Jeremiah Season 2 Play Amazon Page TV-14 SD
4.5/5 (260)  IMDb 7.0/10 (3.7k) In the opening episodes of Season 2, Jeremiah and his allies face the increasing threat of the Valhalla Sector. Luke Perry MGM drama, scifi
The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story Play Amazon Page TV-14 SD
3.5/5 (20)   An international pop culture phenomenon, "beverly hills, 90210" ruled the'90s television landscape and reigned as the top teen show for nearly a decade during which Jason... Dan Castellaneta A+E Studios